Armani Talks aka Arman Chowdhury is a Toastmaster, Storyteller & Communications Consultant. His goal is to help you improve your communication skills so you can present your ideas with more confidence & charisma. He teaches the art of public speaking, social skills & digital content creation to build a powerful online and offline brand.

Project Services

Web Design - Photography - YouTube Consulting

The Goal

Armani had an already impressive twitter following and was looking to expand his reach through other social networks and ultimately increase traffic to his website.  His website is a core piece of his development and an integral home on the internet where he can provide constant value to his community.

The website he was coming from was confusing to use, visually outdated and did not have the necessary eCommerce features to support his digital product offerings and books.  With that in mind we rebuilt his website with a modern UI, an intuitive user experience and a layout that would help with conversions to both his newsletter and digital products.

ArmaniTalks Storyteller & Communications Consultant


Armani Chowdhury

I recently had the opportunity to work with Danny on my new website. As my personal brand was growing, I knew it was needed to have a strong website presence to help me grow my business. I decided to work with Danny based on his strong sense of creativity, excellent photography skills & website configuration knowledge. Danny shot photos for me that gave my brand an official feel rather than something amateur. Also, the website configuration was set up in a very aesthetic & easy to use format. Since launching the new website, I have booked multiple leads, who went onto becoming clients, got more subscribers for my newsletter & have generated more traffic for my content. If you are looking for someone to help you build your business/brand presence, Danny is your guy.


One major component of a personal brand strategy is to tell the story of your brand. We were sure to incorporate Armani’s story throughout the website.  Armani offers amazing value to his audience in many formats. We incorporated all of his content in an easy to find user interface.  His YouTube channel and videos are fully featured along with his blog content, twitter feed, podcast and more.  There are paid consulting packages and digital products through our eCommerce integration. The eCommerce funnel is done in a way not to be overly obtrusive but rather to build an authentic community first and sales second. With that said, we make sure to capture newsletter signups through functions such as lead magnets and easily discoverable digital products that are visible through much of the free content to help drive revenue and future targeting campaigns.

Armani Talks Website Homepage


Using our knowledge of filmmaking, lighting, composition and audio we set out to improve Armani’s YouTube visual presence.  Each setup varies by how much space you have, lighting in the home or office, lack of a solid acoustic environment and so on. Our goal was to use what Armani already had (with the exception of adding one new light) to level up his visuals.  We visited Armani to configure the ideal lighting setup, isolate competing home lights, improve the composition and placement of the subject and enhance microphone placement for improved sound while offering techniques to reduce acoustic bounce in the room.   As he was beginning to grow on the platform he realized he needed to step up the visual aspect to match his content and to ensure consistent and fast growth.