Armature Works IG TV

The goal of this video was to test out the new Instagram Feature called IG TV. What makes Instagram and this feature specifically unique is its dedication to vertical video. The belief is with smartphones today people are largely consuming video with there phones in a vertical position which is more suitable rather than flipping the phone sideways to view a full screen version of what they are watching.

I wanted to test out vertical video and formulate some best practices and personal opinions on the style. You can view below a YouTube video I made with some Tips n Tricks for creating IG TV specific video.

How To IG TV - Editing & Filming Tips for Instagram TV

Instagram has officially released their newest long form video feature IG TV. In this tutorial we talk about editing and filming tips to get you started with IG TV.

I wanted to share some of my findings while getting out to Armature works and testing out this new format so I created a tutorial on YouTube.