Close Notes

Close Notes is a sales enablement notebook designed to assist in completing daily taks, accomplish more in your meetings, reach your goals and to ultimately help close more business for sales reps, organizations, teams and entrepreneurs.

Project Services

Photography - Instagram Content & Growth Strategy

The Goal

When Close Notes came to me they were yet to launch their business but had been preparing the notebooks design and production. They were looking to establish photography that aligned with their brand identity and goals to help drive sales of the notebook and to properly represent what the notebooks had to offer. The photos were to be used on their website and social media channels.

Additionally, we provided training on the Instagram platform, formulating a content / growth strategy to expand their reach and provide value to their community. We worked with them to determine a path that will yield a long term organic growth trajectory to form an authentic audience exceeding the value of selling their products alone.

Close Notes
Josh Kondik - Close Notes


Josh Kondik

Creativity is a characteristic that is learned from experience. While searching for a marketing and brand expert, if your search leads you to Danny Trombley, you should stop immediately and HIRE HIM. Take full confidence in knowing that you’ve truly found a golden needle in a haystack.

Danny is a unique combination of creative, artistic, deliberateness, and skill. His methods are precise and he will pull out the best in your business or project–even if you are unsure what that specifically might be. Take comfort in knowing that he thrives and is motivated by committed professionals who aim to achieve paramount levels of success. He has a keen eye for vision and creates one-of-a-kind elements that I’ve seen large corporations fail at. I full-heartedly would invest your time and money in Danny. You will be rewarded many times over.