Original Sauce

An online platform built specifically for the modern filmmaker & photographer looking for a website solution. The platform offers unique features, tools and a community of experts to help grow their creative business without the hassle of the setup process. Original Sauce has created a unique value proposition and a specific product offering truly targeted towards a massively growing audience. 

Project Services

Web Design - Development - Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

Project Goal

Original Sauce set out to create a website platform for filmmakers and photographers where they didn’t have to stress about setting up their website but instead go through a simple process where a team behind the scenes does it for them. Users still receive the same visual page builders, templates and element blocks to choose from as you would with other platforms but,  without the hassle of the setup. More importantly the platform required specific features, layouts and tools that would truly benefit the creators. Not only in looks but in function and business growth. The backend dashboard and administration panels were built for ease of use and simplicity without sacrificing feature and function.

For any business to be successful a strong brand strategy is extremely important. We worked with Original Sauce to develop both a strategy as well as a visual identity to prepare them for success.

Original Sauce
Website as a service and responsive design

WaaS Platform Development

Website as a service

Most modern cloud based software today is built as SaaS or otherwise known as Software as a Service.  In the case of Original Sauce we wanted to follow the same guidelines and infrastructure you would see in a SaaS based platform but with a heavy focus on Website development for the modern digital creative. Hence, WaaS or Website as a service. The build took roughly a year in the making from start to finish.

From backend development to front end design this was a massive undertaking and an amazing challenge which we were happy to take on!